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What are the effects of Integrative Massage?

"I am completely relaxed! How can that be?"

"My thoughs were floating by, like little clouds."

"I felt a continuous happiness."

"For the first time in years I slept well for a week."
Gemasseerde vrouw

The integrative massage relaxes the body and the mind in many ways. Above all, the effect is very comforting. The body gains flexibility. The breathing calms down and deepens. The thinking settles down. While releasing tension, the awareness of body, mind, feelings and emotions grows.
The body has many self-healing mechanisms. Stress inhibits this potential seriously.  Massage awakens, supports and re-energizes the self-healing mechanisms. Harmony between body and mind can be re-established. Pain can be reduced. The relaxation may release emotions during and after a massage. The precize effects differ per person and massage. 
Next to being comforting, a massage can be supportive for people who struggle with their emotions or who are overstrained or suffering from burnout.

What is Integrative Massage?

Integrative Massage creates a deep, beneficial relaxation of body and mind. This is accomplished by combining three massage techniques into a cherishing full body massage. The techniques are:
  • The dynamic massage. Gently rocking invites the body to release tension and to relax. This technique is also known as "pulsing". 
  • The intuitive massage. Stroking, kneading and rubbing invite the muscles to release tension and accumulated waste substances. Massage oil is used to reduce friction. Touching the skin generates a warm, cherishing sensation throughout the whole body. 
  • The polarity massage. The masseur places his hands on two positions (poles) of the body, to improve energyflow. This is sensed in different ways, such as glowing warmth, tingling or streaming.

How does a massage work in practice? 

A massage session consists of three parts: 
  1. The introduction. What effects are noted since an eventual previous massage? What wishes, questions or complaints do you have? A massage proposal is agreed upon. 
  2. The massage itself. It lasts for five quarters of an hour. Quiet music supports the atmosphere.
  3. The evaluation. What have you experienced during the massage? What is experienced by the masseur? All  findings will be used for tuning the next time. 
The first massage (the intake) takes up to two hours. The introduction and the evaluation is more extended. Follow-up massages take one and a half hours.
In order to tune in fully to your body and mind three or four massages are recommended. Naturally, you can have a single session, or you can have only a dynamic massage or an intuitive massage. For an intuitive massage, taking off clothes is useful because of the massage oil.  During the massage you are covered with a large soft warm cloth. The cloth is folded back were the massage is taking place. It is of utmost importance that you feel safe and at ease. Therefore it's totally up to you which clothes you want to take off. For the dynamic massage and polarity massage you don't have to take off any clothes.

What other massages and therapy are offered?

The following table summarizes other massages and therapy that are offered.  

Main aim Massages Remarks
To relax,
come to rest
Extended Headmassage
Extended Bellymassage
Back/shoulder/neck massage
Massage in Fetal position
Dynamic massage
Butterfly massage
Forearm massage
The massages differ in location, intensity, experience, short and long term effect. 
Transforming and re-energizing Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage A magnificient intense massage, offered to regular customers. A true celebration.
Intense healing,
personal growth
Deep tissue massage therapy
A more elaborate explanation in English is available at request.
A deep impact therapy trajectory, to release deep tensions and related mental patterns, opening the inner cage, dissolving the inner harness.


Variant Price Duration Characteristic
Intake massage 65 1 to
2 hours
Complete massage
Normal massage  65 1 hours Complete massage
Short massage  40 45 minutes Partial massage, e.g., back, shoulders, neck
Other tariffs are given at request      

Also available as a gift for a friend: the massage gift coupon.

For more information, questions or an appointment, call +3140-2543410 or mail.


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