Massage and therapy

Relaxation O Pain relief O Personal development

Practice Ton Kostelijk, Veldhoven, The Netherlands


The purpose of this practice is to bring relaxation and well-being back into your life.

If your life is not satisfactory, you will experience tension. Over time, constant tension causes gradually more and more physical and psychological complaints. For example: stress, neck-, shoulder- and backpain, worry, headache, sleeping problems, tiredness, being unable to enjoy and concentration problems. Chronic pain can also be the result of chronic overload, for example due to an unhealthy posture.

Massage gives immediate relaxation, a deep feeling of well-being. Pain sinks away, space and peace come back. All kinds of relaxation massages are possible, each with its own effect: integrative massage, and from butterfly massage to Hawaiian lomi-lomi. See further below the menu Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy tackles the underlying causes. It consists of a careful counseling process for the treatment of stress and long-term stress complaints, with the effect of relaxation, sharply decreasing physical and psychological complaints and chronic pain, restoring your inner balance and contact with your feelings, self-knowledge, vitality and also better contact with others. See further below the menu Deepen.

Breath therapy reduces tension, anxiety and all sorts of other complaints. See further below the menu Breathe.

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