Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


Deep tissue massage therapy consists of a careful process for the treatment of stress and long-term strain complaints. The effects are long-lasting relaxation, decreasing physical complaints, restoration of your inner balance, more contact with and awareness of your feelings, space, vitality, inner growth and self-insight.
Deep tissue massage therapy is an intensive and enriching self-investigation, a journey through your own body of undiscovered feelings and experiences. You come across old blockages and tensions. These are carefully approached, relaxed and released. In addition to a pleasant physical effect, this gives a strong emotional and mental effect, for example a long-term feeling of freedom, space and energy. Places without blockages also feel more vital and energetic due to the increased flow and increased awareness and contact.

A wonderful aspect of this journey is the experience of how old reaction patterns and old emotions are stored directly in specific places in the body. They appear to be immediately available there. By examining them and getting to know them in this way, your self-insight and ability to let go keeps on growing.
Examples of reaction patterns are:
  • hold your breath, 
  • close off, 
  • withdraw, 
  • get out of your body (fleeing, I am not here),
  • attack, fight (verbally), or I know everything better,
  • dramatize, exaggerate, pain relief, manipulate, flee from the reality,
  • ignore and deny (there's nothing wrong with me).


In a relaxation massage, the therapist works and the client is at rest. With deep tissue therapy this is different. The therapist and client work closely together to ensure that the embedding, tuning and processing of the therapy proceeds well and to prevent pain. In addition to massage techniques, breath techniques play an important role. These are taught in the first therapy session.

A session takes one and a half hours, one session each week or two weeks. The number of sessions varies greatly per client. As support, you get voluntary mindfulness meditation exercises to deepen your perception and feeling. Deep tissue therapy is intensive, both in the treatment itself and in the number of sessions in a short time. The yield is very valuable and long-lasting.

Is it suitable for you?

Deep tissue massage therapy is suitable for you if you are prepared to allow possibly difficult emotions, or if you want to learn to do this. Also, your survival and reactionpatterns must be negotiable. The more insight you have in your inner self, the easier it is to reap the benefits of deep tissue massage. Experience with meditation, yoga, haptonomy, bodywork, etc. is an advantage.

Reactions on deep tissue massage

In addition to therapy, deep tissue massage can also be given as a physical massage if the deep tightenings have physical causes, such as overloading due to sports.

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