Therapist and location


I am a qualified emotion and body therapist. I practice in particular deep tissue massage therapy and breath therapy.
Unlike psychologists who work mainly with stories and thoughts of a client, I investigate together with the client his/her body experiences and feelings. Feelings and how they are handled determine - often unconsciously - the stories, thoughts and well-being. The conscious thoughts are the top of the iceberg. If the client has little contact with its body and feelings, then most of the iceberg is submerged, unconscious, and talking will yield limited results.
The first step forward is to restore contact with the body, after which feelings and emotions and how they are handled can be investigated.
De Masseur
In addition, I am a certified integrative masseur, and I guide meditations.
I am connected to Inpulsing and a member of the Network Integrative Massage. For recognizing medical problems that require referring I have a medical certificate.


From 1999 onward I started giving much more attention to my emotional side. Years of dedication to emotional bodywork, meditation, breath work and essence work have contributed a lot to my personal development and knowledge and experience as a therapist.
In the summer of 2005 I was engaged in an introductory week of Integrative Massage. I was struck by the deep effect and the experience that giving a relaxation massage can be so beautiful. I then decided to do the Integrative Massage course with the founder, Geert van Coillie. After completing this course, I started the massage practice. In addition to learning through experience, I regularly follow new massage courses.
The next step was the deep tissue massage course with Geert van Coillie in 2011, and especially the therapeutic follow-up course with Walter Geubels (Inpulsing). Here, all relevant aspects of feelings, emotions and techniques came together in a beautiful form of therapy, the deep tissue massage therapy.
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Address of the practice

Ton Kostelijk
Alvenberg 27, 5508 AA Veldhoven
Phone: 040-2543410

For more information, questions, or an appointment you are welcome to call or mail.

Public transport: Bus

Veldhoven is close to Eindhoven. Bus 403 leaves from Eindhoven Station. Get off at the 'Dom / Berg' stop, close to the practice, see B in de map below.

Route directions

Veldhoven is close to Eindhoven. This route starts from the A2 (for a car) and applies for coming both the north and the south.

In the vicinity of Eindhoven you make sure that you get from the main A2 road to the N2 road. From the N2 you can take local exits, this is not possible from the A2.
From the N2 you take exit 31, below you go in the direction of Veldhoven. (If you come from the south, turn left and go under the viaduct. If you are from the north, this is a right turn.) At the next traffic lights you go straight ahead. Then turn left at the junction 'de Hovenring' to the Heerbaan in the direction of Veldhoven / Wintelre. The junction 'de Hovenring' is recognizable by a huge ring floating above the junction, and a high pole in the middle. Follow the Heerbaan for about 2 km straight ahead. You pass a traffic light and a roundabout straight ahead. At the second roundabout you turn right to the Dom, see the map below.
After 100 m there is a new roundabout, take the first left there (Berg) and after only 30 m the first left again (a residential area, the Duivelsberg). Go straight on and you are on Alvenberg. Further straight ahead you will find number 27, with the logo of integrative massage on the door, logo. See also the map below.


Normale route


A short newsletter about the practice is sent by email a few times a year.
This contains announcements of pain reliefs, new activities, and new course dates.
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Corona measures

The practice is open. Postpone a session if you experience any of the following:
  • (mild) cold, coughing,
  • flu symptoms (e.g. feeling sick, muscle pain),
  • fever,
  • respiratory complaints (e.g. shortness of breath),
  • stomach or intestinal complaints,
  • red eyes or inflamed eyes.
Wash your face at home before a session.
There is alcohol gel in the hall, so that your hands can be properly disinfected immediately after entering.
The practice itself has taken extra hygiene measures prior to each session.