Experiences and reactions

This page displays statements from clients. The statements were made immediately after a session or during a later conversation or email. The statements are divided into three groups: massage, lomi-lomi and therapy.

Reactions after a relaxation massage.

"I am completely relaxed! How is that possible?"

"My thoughts drifted past like clouds."

"I don't feel pain anymore!"

"I felt a continuous bliss."

"I felt like liquefying clay."

"Is it already over?"

"The night after a massage I never have sleep problems."

"The pain in my back is less, I no longer need a pain reliever."

"I now feel space in my neck and shoulders, and hey, I no longer have a headache!"

"I don't need to do anything here. Delicious. "

"Since I get a massage, I take better care of myself."

"The touch is immediately very pleasant. That is exceptional."

"I immediately felt totally at ease."

"All touches felt nice, and that of another man. I never expected that. "

"During the chemotherapy and irradiation, the massages were very important to experience that my body could also make me feel good, that I could enjoy it and that it gave me positive energy."

"Your hands make full contact, touch me deeply, give warmth and radiate peace."

"It feels like my wounds are being taken care of for the first time."

"Honest, caring, trusting. A tender touch."

"It is not what I expected. It is what I had hoped."

"Your hands touch depths within myself that are almost inaccessible with talking."

"When I go home after the massage it is as if the world looks different."

Reactions after lomi-lomi

"After a lomi-lomi you don't want anything else anymore."

"Lomi-lomi continues to work for a long time. Delicious."

"A special experience! Delicious."

"Since lomi-lomi, the integrative massage also feels more intense."

"What can one massage be different from another."

"Indescribable. Heavenly."

Reactions after MER, deep tissue massage or breath therapy.

"Since breathing the last time I feel such a space in my chest, delicious! "

"The concept of 'healing' is perhaps too much used, but here it really applies. "

"Only the next day did I feel mild muscle pain. Since then the pain in my back has disappeared and has not returned, for four weeks now."

"Deep tissue massage therapy goes yet another layer deeper than intensive breathing meditation. "

"I experience a continuous acceleration of my self-development through deep tissue massage. "

"I really appreciate the massage therapy sessions with him. He has helped me to learn to feel more and express myself more. He is very caring and gentle. He is a good listener and observer, who judges really well what I might need and what I'm ready for or not."

"I feel more and more in my body: I call it the "Avatar feeling": in the film the main character has been in a wheelchair for a long time: he ends up in an Avatar body and can feel his toes / feet / legs and move for the first time: that gives a very euphoric feeling. I experience that feeling throughout my whole body. Sometimes I dance and jump. Sometimes I just get angry. Sometimes I cry long and deep. "

"It is also very relaxing for me."

"It is very pleasant to be in contact all the time."

"Your charisma, your love and your personality have touched me deep, making me feel safe for the first time in a long time and I dared to take you on my journey to my deepest being. You help me make contact with my beauty, vulnerability and femininity and dared to look my fears in the eye. My emotions are safe with you. "

"I never thought we would get this far."

"I am proud that I dared."